EP Review: Raye Zaragoza – Live At Rockwood Music Hall

Raye Zaragoza is a direct and passionate performer with a unique approach to her songwriting. Based in NYC, Raye set out to combine influences as diverse folk and indie-pop, making for a very magnetic and down-to-earth sound.

Raye’s music comes from a very personal place. Her lyrics deal with particular topics, and they are quite introspective. Yet, they’re also very easy to relate to, connecting with people from all walks of life. Recently, Raye released a brand new EP titled “Live at Rockwood Music Hall.”

This release features Raye’s  charming performances at one of NYC’s best venues for indie artists, and she took to the stage with passion, and a couple of great songs. Her vocals are strong and sultry, with a huge dynamic range. At times, she sounds soft-spoken and soothing, but she is also able to kick it up a notch with some amazing hooks.

The opening track, “Warrior” is an inspiring song about overcoming whatever life throws at us. We can all find the strength to face harsh situations, and overcome the fear that might cripple our ability to cope with things.

“Driving to Standing Rock” is another astonishing track. This song has a country-folk vibe, which makes me think of artists like Lucinda Williams or even Townes Van Zandt, just to name a few. This is a perfect example of great storytelling, with a timeless feel.

“Heroine” is an intimate track with a romantic vibe. The arpeggio guitars suit Raye’s soulful vocal performance on this one, and it is clear that the artist is personally connected to the material. The same goes for “Fight For You,” another amazing song that showcases Raye’s impressive vocal range, and personal blend of songwriting. This song has a playful vibe to it, but it also balances it out with some amazingly personal lyrics.

Find out more about Raye Zaragoza, and don’t miss out on her Live At Rockwood Music Hall EP, as well as other astonishing releases from this talented performer on her official website.


Overall - 8.7



The EP is a collection of instinctive and inspiring live recordings from an amazing singer and songwriter.

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