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At Folk N’ Rock, we’re the link between fusions styles of music and their parent genres. Our coverage includes your garden variety Folk, Hard Rock, Roots, Punk, Metal, and more, with a special focus on artist that infuses various styles. Some of those include Celtic Punk, Folk Metal, Folk Rock, Symphonic, Medieval, and an endless list of other combinations.

The site began in December of 2000, with just a simple focus on Celtic Punk. It has grown into what it is today because of the increase in readers and their various taste.

We strive to ensure that our readers get all the latest information as soon as it breaks. Our news cover everything from what’s happening with the hottest bands, information on album releases, interviews, and festival and tour coverage.

Folk N’ Rock has a global audience with a very strong presence in Ireland and the United State. As one of the top fusion sites, our aim is to provide readers with high quality content, and a way to discover new bands, as well as rediscover legends.

Our sister site, Folk N’ Metal, provides you the same coverage, but with a bit more focus on bands that are heavier than Mjölnir.


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Our staff consist of dedicated and experienced people who are passionate about music. We have both freelancers and professional writers, photographers, and podcasters. Our members come from all corners of the globe, and from a variety of age groups. Get to know our team by checking out their profiles on our staff page.

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