Sowulo Gives A Preview Of Their Upcoming Album “Mann”

Viking folk outfit Sowulo are going to be releasing their latest studio album, “Mann,” on August 1, 2019, and are currently giving listeners a preview of the tracks for free via their Bandcamp.

With these songs I intentionally invoke my inner Warrior, Lover, King and Magician and I hope it will help you to do the same.
This album is all about growing into a mature human being by connecting with the power of the four archetypes, and consciously walking together with them on the adventure we call the wheel of life.

These compositions express my interpretation of the four archetypes which I connect to the four seasons within and without, and so they follow the cyclical nature of mann.

I challenge you to listen to what these archetypes have to tell you.

Faber Horbach | Vocals, Throat singing, Lyre, Nyckelharpa, Irish bouzouki, Jouhikko, Synths & VST

Chloe Bakker | Celtic triplett harp
Sophie Zaaijer | Violin
Pan Bartkowiak | Woodblock & shakers
Klaartje van Zwoll | Viola
Fieke van den Hurk | Shakers

MANN was recorded by Faber Horbach at Auroch Audio Studio
Engineered and mixed by Fieke van den Hurk at DearWorld Studio
Mastered by Nico van Montfort at XPZ Sound Studio

Album concept and research | Faber Horbach
Artwork development | Faber Horbach & Samiye van Rossum
Illustrations | Samiye van Rossum
Graphic design | Jasper van Gheluwe

Lyrics and translations by Faber Horbach,
Editing by Veerle Verhagen
[except for Wohs Wildum Deoran]

Track List

  1. Gāstcyning 02:21
  2. Wulfwiga 04:16
  3. Hēahlufu 03:51
  4. Sceadugenga 03:11
  5. Brego in Brēoste 04:39
  6. Swīnhæleðas 03:51
  7. Fægru Fara 05:03
  8. Slincan Snīcan 04:02
  9. Innra Æcer 03:43
  10. Berabeorn 03:38
  11. Dēoplīcu Ðearf
  12. Wōhs Wildum
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