Zebrahead – “II” EP Review

4.4 out of 5Great

Zebrahead, the Southern California-based punk/rap-inspired rock outfit, is still going strong as they turn the page to a new chapter

Scott Scott

The Disability Culture And Music Industry

In today's society, "outsiders" are increasingly influential in shaping popular music trends. Without the contributions of "outsiders," such as punk,

Scott Scott

“Royal Knight” by Tarah Who? Feat French Songster Laura Chevalier Is a Spiced Alt-Rock Jam with a Consistent Punk Brand

I met a female dragon, and we had a fire conversation (I will tell you about it later). Tarah Who?

Scott Scott


Ambre Vourvahis Discusses Her Journey With Xandria And The Making of ‘The Wonders Still Awaiting’

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