Spotlight Track: New Me / Angel Reese – Louie XO (Prod. WarSemi & Xosloth)

As I sit here reflecting on the past few months, I can't help but think back to the early part…

Scott Scott

Spotlight Track: ‘Johnny Kage’ – Luhswaggstarr (feat. Louie XO)

Alright, let's shift gears and turn our attention to a rising star from the Music City. I've got a new track to share…

Scott Scott

Spotlight Album: ‘Life’ – Rob Lalain

Rob Lalain's musical comeback is a striking example of how old passions can be reignited. After stepping away from music for 20 years,…

Scott Scott

Spotlight Album: ‘Basement Songs’ – Matt Roller

Today I'm looking into an album self-released by Matt Roller, a multi-instrumental DIY punk rocker hailing from Portland, Maine. Matt's been making music…

Jeff Jeff

Erik Scott Smith And His Track ‘Good Man’ From ‘Songs By Seymour’

We're living in a pressure cooker these days. Seems like everyone's at each other's throats, especially when it comes to politics. Most of…

Jeff Jeff

Revisiting the Classics – Bad Mary’s Better(er) Days EP Offers a Fresh Take

I am beyond excited for the release of Bad Mary's latest EP, Better(er) Days EP which is officially available today. One of the…

Scott Scott

Spotlight Album: ‘Simple Gifts’ – Colin Roy Monette

In today's spotlight, we're looking into a collection of 10 original tracks written and performed by the exceptionally talented Colin Roy Monette. Before…

Scott Scott

Tenacious D’s Future On Hold Following Controversial Comments

Jack Black, one half of the comedy rock duo Tenacious D, issued a statement today addressing the recent controversy surrounding…

Jeff Jeff

Photos: Asadi And Xye In Atlanta

Asadi And Xye recently kicked off their tour with a stunning performance at The Masquerade in Atlanta, Georgia. The show, which took place…

Gabrielle Dancy Gabrielle Dancy

Spotlight Album: ‘Oh Well” – Wilson + Hensley

Given my fondness for bands like Fly By Midnight, I had an inkling I'd enjoy this. As it turns out, I more than…

Scott Scott

Exclusive: “Heard It All Before” – NATI Releases Scorching Anthem

Today, it's our absolute privilege to give you the first listen to something many of you, funny enough, might have heard before. Scottish…

Jeff Jeff

ProfessorDrSufi Releases New Track, ‘Phantoms Rival’

ProfessorDrSufi's latest release, "Phantoms Rival," showcases the his amazing approach to music-making. Drawing from his remarkable journey, which began in a remote Himalayan…

Scott Scott

Mapping The Sky Releases Official Video For “Home” From Their Debut Album Here And Not Here Out Now

  Watch the video for "Home" here: Mapping The Sky is an Oklahoma-based rock 'n' roll collective with collaborators in regular rotation,…

Scott Scott

Spotlight Track: ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb’ – Unwanted Guest

Music has this incredible power to touch our souls in ways that few other art forms can. It reaches into the depths of…

Jeff Jeff

Spotlight Album: “Long Forgotten Son” – Chapter 13

Today, I'm looking into a fresh project that kicked off in 2023, with its debut release hitting now in 2024.…

Scott Scott

Spotlight Album: ‘Lost In The Fathom’ – HuffDaddy

Today I'm going to be taking a look at the new release (and a few singles) from Florida based artist, HuffDaddy. HuffDaddy is…

Scott Scott

Camille Schmidt – “Good Person” EP Review

9 out of 10Great

Today, I'm taking a look at a debut EP, a pretty awesome one at that. It's always exciting when an artist puts out…

Jeff Jeff

Spotlight Track: ‘Infirmary’ – Dedlights

Dedlights have unleashed a hard rock haymaker with their latest track, "Infirmary." This beat-'em-up rock anthem packs more punch than a championship bout…

Jeff Jeff

Bridge City Sinners – “In the Age of Doubt” Album Review

9.8 out of 10Perfect

The Sinners' Sermon - How Bridge City Converted the Masses In 2021, the Bridge City Sinners unleashed "Unholy Hymns" upon the world, and…

Jeff Jeff

Spotlight Album: ‘test of time’ – you wouldn’t know him

I've got to tell you, there's nothing I love more than when something truly unique lands on my desk. I'm always on the…

Scott Scott

Spotlight Track: ‘Holy Mother Of God’ – Greg Hoy & The Boys

I've been on the hunt for some rock'n'roll with a bit more edge to it lately. You know, something with some teeth to…

Scott Scott


Unleash The Archers Britteny Slayes Breaks Down New Album, “Phantoma.”

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