Gealdýr Unveils Video For New Album, “Sól”

Gealdýr, the Nordic folk Viking project from Dutch singer-songwriter, Jonathan Barendsma, has just released a single and video for the title track of the upcoming album,”Sól.” The story of the song is about the ending to the cycle of life. When the sun is replaced by a new sun after being eaten by the Wolf Fenrir, ushering in the deaths of the gods of old. It is the tale of the cycle of life coming to an end, so that the world can be reborn.

Gealdýr’s first album “Sól’’ tells about the creation of this world, the end of it and the rebirth. The ongoing cycle of life. Nowadays most people think that life is very linear, but when we look into Norse mythology we can find that even after Ragnarök (The fate of the Gods) life will continue. The old sun will die and a new one will be born. The old Gods die and after that the world is ready for a new cycle to start.

The album will be released on August 9th, 2019

Track List

  1. Ginnungagap
  2. Myrkviðr
  3. Baldr
  4. Kauna
  5. Valkyrjur
  6. Loki
  7. Sól 04:54
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