Photos: Memphis May Fire in Los Angeles

The right mix of great melodies, aggressive screams and massive hardcore tones.

Memphis May Fire is a band from Nashville, Tennessee. Their sound is a diverse, uncompromising blend of hardcore music. The group’s influences combine a wide range of genres and styles, ranging from post-hardcore, to alternative music, and even emo and metal-core, just to mention a few.

The group released a well-received album titled “Broken” in 2018. With its 10 tracks, this release channels the sound and feel of artists like Circa Survive, Glassjaw. Slipknot, or The Used, combining raw energy and melodies in equal parts.

The band’s balance between power and melodic sophistication definitely stands out in a live setting as well. A lot of groups in this genre tend to manufacture their tones in the studio a lot. As a result, they simply cannot recreate that same energy and big tone that fans get used to when listening to the band’s studio material. Thankfully, this does not appear the case with Memphis May Fire! They can definitely hold their own and provide plenty of punch, without compromising the integrity of their songs. These musicians are talented and knowledgeable about what they are doing with their work.

The melodic vocals allow more room to breathe, and the screaming parts have enough raw power to easily stand above the pounding drums and the walls of guitars. What really strikes me about this band’s performance is definitely the fact that they are so precise. Their sets are carefully organized, and they really hit it big in terms of dynamics throughout the show.

The band’s songs are generally quite aggressive, with a slight progressive vein. However, there is also room to experiment with softer textures and cool ambient drones here and there, bringing a lot more depth to the band’s sound. This allows the audience to experience a more cinematic connection with the band’s music, adding more flame to the fire. Memphis May Fire’s live show has multiple layers, which you won’t normally find in a band like this.


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