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Elvenking Unveil New Album Artwork And Tracklist

Italian folk metal act Elvenking have revealed the artwork( commissioned by artist Zsofia Dankova) and the track listing for their upcoming album, “Reader of the Runes – Divination.” The new record will be released on August 30, 2019, via AFM Records, with preorders starting on the AFM store today, and other platforms which will be announced at a later date.

Elvenking Readers Of The Runes

  1. Perthro
  2. Heathen Divine
  3. Divination
  4. Silverseal
  5. The Misfortune of Virtue
  6. Eternal Eleanor
  7. Diamonds in the Night
  8. Under the Sign of a Black Star
  9. Malefica Doctrine
  10. Sic Semper Tyrannis
  11. Warden of the Bane
  12. Reader of the Runes – Book I
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