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Heathen Apostles Release Video For “Deadly Nightshade”

Gothic / Americana folk rock act Heathen Apostles, have released the third video, “Deadly Nightshade”, from their “Bloodgrass Vol. I & II” album. The album is currently available on CD and digital / itunes/ Amazon via Rachet Blade Records.

The new music video from the Heathen Apostles, takes the band back into familiar dark territory; this time, the atmosphere is that of the quintessential Universal horror films of the 1930’s and 40’s. Those familiar with the iconic genre will thrill to the sights of a mortician-like banjo player piloting an angelic victim down river to her doom and corpses floating up from their graves, while burlap-masked musicians provide the soundtrack to a feral witch stealing the soul from our helpless heroine.

Inspired by classic horror movies and German expressionism, the main goal was to not romanticize an old style, but rather to bring it to something that could still be dark, creepy and beautiful Director Jorge Jaramillo


The band’s new album, ‘Dust to Dust’, will be out  on June 7th 2019.

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