Jinjer In Oberhausen

With Amorphis, Soilwork, and Nailed To Obscurity

The new year starting out to be a great one for Jinjer. The band is growing their (already excellent) reputation at a fast pace with one fantastic tour after the other. Also, on the day of their first show of this new tour in Oberhausen, they released a new and very beloved EP, “Micro.” The talented Ukranian band is fronted by Tatiana Shmailyuk, who has been recently hailed as one of the best vocalists in the genre.

After witnessing Jinjer’s live shows, it is really easy to see why. Tatianas vocal range is absolutely astonishing, and when you see the band live, you realize that it is definitely not some magic studio trick. Tatianna can sound absolutely brutal, and just a moment later, her vocals can become soothing, mellow and understated, alternating huge dynamics and different emotions. She has an incredible range, and it really feels like she doesn’t even have to try. Every note is perfect, and she can keep up with the amazing energy levels of the band’s performance.

Considering the style of music, Tatiana’s job is quite challenging. The group combines a huge range of influences, such as metalcore, funk, jazz, groove metal, and many other styles. Needless to say, these talented instrumentalists have chosen a singer that can step up to the test, and truly deliver. One of the things that make the group’s sound utterly unique is their mercurial sound. You simply don’t have time to get bored, because each song is like a roller coaster, taking listeners through a wide variety of styles and sonic ideas.

In a band like this, it’s often the lead vocalist takes the center spot, more so when you’re dealing with one of the most impressive singers on the scene. But having said that, Roman, Eugene, and Vlad are just as professional and technically accomplished. Every bit of sound has been meticulously crafted, creating massive soundscapes and thick walls of sound that give the audience a very immersive listening experiences.

The drums seamlessly cut through the mix as they should, and the guitars have a modern, full-on tone with plenty of low end and grit. The bass adds more texture to the guitar sounds, and the other elements in the mix add color, giving a very special personality to the band’s tracks. The versatility of the line up on stage is truly impressive.

Whatever plans you may have, I can assure you they are worth breaking if Jinjer’s incredible live show is coming by your town.









Nailed To Obscurity

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