Nemesea Premieres New Single “Kids With Guns”

Nemesa have released a new song titled, “Kids With Guns.” the track is off the bands upcoming album “White Flag” which will be released on August 23, 2019. Vocalist Sanne Mieloo spoke a little bit about the track saying:

Be the change you wanna see in this world. The world is full of people incapable of change. The song is about the struggle if you can be a change in this world? Throwing your middle finger in the sky and not giving a shit about our next generation. Then waking up in the morning, rolling off your yoga mat and praying for the children whilst wearing your cheap 2 dollar shirt with an inspirational quote and posting it on insta…

Guitarist HJ continues by saying:

Fight or surrender? Probably a question raised daily all over the world and certainly applicable when it comes to Nemesea in many ways!


Preorders for the album are now currently available.

White Flag Tracklisting:
1. The Storm
2. Kids with Guns
3. White Flag
4. Sarah
5. Don’t Tell Me Your Name
6. Fools Gold
7. Ratata
8. Nothing Like Me
9. Lions
10. Heavyweight Champion
11. Rise
12. Let This Be All
13. Sayonara
14. Dance In The Fire


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