Photos: Will Varley – Detroit MI

Will Varley is a singer and songwriter from London that is currently on a North American tour. He recently stopped by the Pike Room in Pontiac, MI, which I checked out.

During the show, the Will really took it to heart to try and build the right atmosphere for him to perform his songs, so much so that he actually asked some of the louder people at the bar to stop talking, as to not interfere with the mood.

Will’s songs are charismatic, cinematic and intimate, sharing powerful stories with the audience. In addition to the artist’s notable musical prowess, it is impossible not to mention the fascinating intermissions, as Will shared various anecdotes and stories between songs. In my opinion, these are exactly the things that make live shows really special and worth experiencing. Having that first-hand insight into a songwriter’s mind is truly amazing, especially when there is obviously so much thought that went into the making of the music.

The storytelling is indeed one of the most important elements of Will’s live show. The artist can effortlessly connect with the audience due to his willingness to open up and share more about his artistic process and effortless flow. His songs have a bittersweet feel to it, exploring different topics, ranging from sad life experiences to being homesick, and more. What’s more striking, is the fact that Will is always able to bringing a lighthearted touch to his performance, counteracting the melancholic mood of some of his compositions with some refreshing humor. Fans of artists like Frank Turner, Chuck Ragan, or Dave Hause are certainly going to enjoy Will Varley’s work.

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