What Are Your Favorite Albums Of 2017?

Best albums of 2017

2017 is coming to a close, and in the coming weeks we will be taking a look back at some of our favorite releases over the past year. While a majority of the list is complete, and all the winners have been chosen for each category, we want to hear from listeners / fans and would love to know your thoughts on this years releases. (including Eps)

In the past, Irish Punk had a voting base system, and we’ve found that method is heavily flawed. Bands could just spam their fans asking for votes, and those with a very devoted fan bases and a huge following, could easily drowned out some fantastic releases from much lesser known artist. At Folk N’ Rock, will be listening to your feedback, and taking your comments when determining part of our list. If we use your comments, you will be sent a nice little think you package. If we use your comments for any of our winners this year, You’ll receive an LP of said album.

Simply fill out the form below and list your favorite albums, and tell us why you’ve chosen it.

Favorite albums of 2017