The Mahones – The Blood Is On Your Hands

Video for The Blood Is On Your Hands from The Mahones live album, ‘A Great Night On The Lash: Live In Italy.’ Video directed by Katelynn Lawless.

The story behind A Great Night On The Lash (Live In Italy)…

“The Mahones had not recorded a live cd for over 10 years, and we needed a new one that featured the latest line up with the amazing Katie Kaboom. The last live album, “Live At The Horseshoe”, was recorded around the “Here Comes Lucky”, period and released in 2003. It was recorded in Toronto, Canada in the fall of 2000.

I thought it was time to make another one, and I also thought that this time, it should be recorded at a show in one of our favourite places to tour: Europe. We were about 10 months into the Angels & Devils World Tour and I was looking for the right place and venue to do this. I found the perfect venue at Arena Ritten in Bolzano, Italy at the Rock im Ring 20th Anniversary Festival. We headlined the arena on the Saturday night. Our pals Suicidal Tendencies headlined the same venue the night before.

One highlight of the ongoing tour was a concert in Italy last summer when the Mahones played an arena show for a crowd of 5,000 people. At the sound check, McConnell couldn’t help but notice all the equipment was new and high quality so he asked if he could record the concert. The answer was yes, but he didn’t tell the others in the band.

“That’s the secret to recording a concert,” McConnell says. “Don’t tell anybody. As soon as you tell anybody, they get red-light fever and overthink it and make mistakes. If you don’t tell anybody, they just play music and it’s not even on their mind.

“We were on fire that night. We’d been touring and were a good year into it at this point. We did a great show. It was awesome.”

The recording, titled A Great Night at the Lash: Live in Italy, comes out in February, the first of two releases planned for next year.

Despite recording most of the record in Italy, we added an additional three studio bonus cuts captured at Belfast, Ireland’s Doghouse recording studio to cap the collection, which features covers of tracks like the Undertones’ “Teenage Kicks.” The Belfast recordings also include performances with Belfast punk legends The Defects. We recorded three of the cover songs we were doing in rotation on that tour during the encores. The Defects supported The Mahones on the Irish leg of the world tour and we had them onstage singing these songs with us every night!

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the show. It was an amazing gig, the Italian fans were wild as always, and The Mahones were on fire that night. That was a night I will never forget. I loved every minute of it!

– Finny McConnell
The Mahones


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