The Mahones: Makes No Sense At All Video

The Mahones newest video: Makes No Sense At All

Husker Du’s Makes No Sense At All as recorded by The Mahones for their 11th album, Angels & Devils.

If you know Finny McConnell, you know he loves Husker Du. When he arrived in the recording studio during the Angels & Devils sessions in summer 2012, he was wearing his Husker Du Land Speed Record t-shirt for inspiration. He pitched up at the crack of noon (9 AM musician time) and drummer Dom “The Bomb” Whelan was waiting for him. Dom announced that he was going to record barefoot that day, like Grant Hart from Husker Du. Finny decided it was a sign, so they picked Makes No Sense At All as that day’s warm-up tune, because they both love the amazing drum break. They played the song twice, and moved on.

When it came time to mix the album, they listened to it, and they liked it so much that they decided to include it on Angels & Devils as a bonus track.

Video directed by The Mahones & Katelynn Lawless


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