• Andrew

    I'm a columnist for the site. I've travelled through Europe as a DJ playing Celtic Punk music. I also have written lyrics for various bands.
  • Angela

    I attended Queen's University in Belfast. Currently living life and loving music in County Tyrone.
  • Ashley Paskill

    Ashley Paskill is a journalist currently based out of Philadelphia, PA. She will receive her Bachelor's in journalism from Temple University in December 2017 and has an Associate's in music from Montgomery County Community College. While her primary focus is writing about music, she loves writing about art, entertainment, and culture as a whole. In her free time, Ashley loves spending time with her loved ones, making jewelry, and watching Big Bang Theory.
  • Brooke Elizabeth

    I am a professional freelance photographer and artist based in Detroit. I have an eclectic taste in music and love to catch as many shows as I can!
  • Camille

    Born and raised in London with music and vinyls. By 14 I was at gigs taking photos on film, early 2000s at every gig and part of the scene. I work with artists at festivals, backstage, do interviews and photos. I love rock, metal etc. And 1960s rock music! Currently residing in Switzerland.
  • Christel

    I'm a professional concert and band photographer, based in the Netherlands. My heart goes out to Death and Thrash Metal. With a professional musician as a partner out lives revolve around the Metal scene almost 24/7.
  • Dan Pike

    I am a professional freelance photographer based in Brighton but travel all around the UK and the world. My love for photography was triggered when I was serving as a Royal Marines Commando where I got to see much of the world. I eventually left that role in order to pursue a full time photography career. I shoot almost anything I can get stuck in to which includes: travel, events, lifestyle and portrait
  • Dustin Griffin

    I'm a Canadian writer / photographer that loves punk rock. Celtic punk in particular. I've been attending local shows since I was a kid. I now spend my time photographing shows that I attend, and do reviews of films and albums.
  • Eve

    Born in south of Brazil, I’m a photographer currently based in Dublin. Photography has been my passion since I was a little child, when I used to carry my parent’s analogue camera everywhere, just for fun. I started photographing professionally in 2012, when I was just 17, and since then I’ve worked in three different studios (two in Brazil and one in Dublin called Frame My Life), from where I was able to gain a lot experience, learning a lot about lighting and post production, and develop my own style at the same time. To me photography is all about emotions, showing that there’s life and a story behind every portrait, and that’s what I want to achieve with my work.
  • Gabrielle Dancy

    Born and raised in Los Angeles, Gabrielle came to New York for school where she attended and graduated from St. John's University. Her interest in photography began in her early teenage years but, she has been practicing photography and videography professionally for close to 6 years. In addition to following her passion for being behind the camera, she is currently obtaining a masters degree. Her professional career began working as apart of the media division of her Alma Mater. Taking advantage of any opportunity to grow and refine her craft, she has worked with several Music Festivals as well as with both, International Corporations and Organizations. She has become right at-home working in the pit for more than 3 dozen music artists in both Los Angeles and New York. At only 23, she has set and accomplished a lot of goals and continues to reach for new heights, constantly learning and growing with every interaction.
  • Janer

    Loving Punk since 1978. I've been photographing and videoing Punk gigs for many moons.
  • Joanna

    A Bulgarian-born nerd girl who listens to music, writes about music and plays music 24/7. During the rest of the time, she’s a full-time professional film & TV series translator with a passion for learning new and crazy languages evert day. Skål!
  • John Swayze

    John Wayne Swayze is a 24 year old punk living outside Boston, MA, USA. He co-hosts a weekly DIY podcast called The Noise Floor, and plays in a punk band. When not playing, writing about, listening to, or talking about punk rock, Swayze is too drunk to function and/or sleeping.
  • Kate Alison

    Kate Alison is a NYC event & portrait photographer. She is from New England, but learned photography while working at Disneyland. She loves music, her chihuahua and road trips
  • Kevin

    Writer, Hockey fan, gamer, father. Ran a metal music news site, now a contributor for Irish Punk.
  • Louis Tarpin

    Metalhead and language nerd from Europe, sailing in the Northern seas. It all started with film photography and a Canon older than me, and now we’re here. Expect randomness!
  • Maia Kennedy

    Senior Graphic Designer and Photographer from Boston, MA.
  • Marco

    "Italian guy in his 30s who likes pretty much all kind of food and music, and other amazing things in life; showing a particular dedication to discover new things to eat and listen to from all over the world, with a soft spot for metal and its bizillion subgeneres, especially death and core.
  • Mariel Cantu

    Mexican girl working in the US as an engineer that loves music and travel, love going to concerts, take pictures and meet the bands. Rock/metal fanatic but enjoy most types of music including classical.
  • Matt Bacon

    Matt Bacon is a consultant and A&R man specializing in the world of heavy metal. Having worked with everyone from Glam Rock icon Phil Collen of Def Leppard, to post Black Metal titans Alcest, by way of legendary thrashers Exhorder as well as labels including Prophecy Productions and Ripple Music, he has dedicated his life to helping young bands develop.
  • Mike

    Mike O'Cull is a songwriter, producer, and music journalist from Chicago, IL, USA. He has been writing about music since the 90s, both in print and online. For more info, visit
  • Nix Ullrich

    California based Show/On Tour Photographer who loves and breaths music. While I love all genres, my favorites are Heavy Metal, Classic Rock, and EDM. Experienced in Film Editing and Behind the Scenes Videos for Bands, promoting tours and albums. I believe photography helps show the beauty in even the darkest parts of this life.
  • Patrick Correia

    When not crying into a bottle, Patrick occasionally keeps a dream journal in Boston. He's available at private functions for a modest fee or best offer.
  • Randall Krieger

    Randall Krieger is a guitarist, composer, and music educator from the Bay Area, California. He currently plays guitar in the Medieval folk rock band The Unquiet Grave which released their debut album in 2019 and toured California and Oregon. They also play at many taverns and themed period events. As a composer he has had pieces performed across the U.S. by Amoveo ensemble, California Institute of the Arts concert choir, guitarist Roberto Granados, CSU East Bay Wind symphony, and more. He is the founder of the Bay Area Composers Group, a group that produces contemporary music concerts, provides a social network community for composers, and promotes music education. He also performs as a solo classical guitarist.
  • Scott

    I love Guinness and great music. I'm many things by day, and a writer by night.
  • Hanna Auer

    Europe based Photographer with a passion for the heavier genres. I take my camera everywhere with me whether it’s high-mountain ranges, the Slovenian rain or a Slayer moshpit. Analogue photography enthusiast! Even if they says it's dead, it lives with me. Festival and concert addict.
  • Tom

    My name is Tom Lohrmann and I am an Artist Manager, Musician, and Blogger from Washington DC. I am the Head Sales Rep of Old Dog LLC and front the rock band Sonic Nights. I have worked with over 170 artists through the blog, which features interviews and reviews of both national and local artists.
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