Greta Van Fleet At The Fox Theatre In Detroit, MI

Greta Van Fleet – The band of four young rock musicians, twin brothers Josh (lead vocals) and Jake (guitar), and brother Sam Kiszka (on keyboards and bass), along with friend, Danny Wagner on drums, are on tour and hot off their number one Billboard debut album “Anthem of the Peaceful Army” Greta Van Fleet’s music is a high-energy juxtapose of rock n’roll and blues. Homegrown in Frankenmuth, Michigan, GVF share that their music is to “spread peace, love, and unity,” embracing a peaceful mantra of “Doing it to change the world, not to make money.”

Just nominated for four Grammys, including best new artist, the band is donating $1 from every ticket to the band’s three, sold-out shows at the Fox Theatre in Detroit (December 27, 29, 30) to the Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation on behalf of “The Peaceful Army.” They’re teaming up with Gleaners Community Food Bank for a canned food drive during their shows at the Fox Theatre, encouraging all attending the sold-out shows to bring canned goods and drop them off in collection bins at the door.

We are all so very honored and humbled to have been nominated for a Grammy Award, and so appreciative for the love and support we get from our fans, because we do what we do for them. All of the wonderful things that have happened to us over the past year, including these nominations, is because of our fans, The Peaceful Army. Greta Van Fleet

The fastest rising band in music today, Greta Van Fleet welcomed their second sold-out night at the Fox Theatre performing from their latest breakthrough studio album, “Anthem of the Peaceful Army.” They opened their set with “Cold Wind” and instantly took the tremendous 5,000 crowd on an incredible 120-minute journey.

They captured the audience with fan favorite “Safari Song” and the crowd roared back with spirit. Fans old and new were mesmerized by Josh’s electrifying vocals. Highlights include the John Denver cover, “The Music Is You” which brought the crowd together singing and “Flower Power” had everyone rocking out in sync with the beat.

Each member holds their own on the stage. Josh Kiszka’s chops are something out of another stratosphere. He knows his voice and owns it. Josh kept belting out the songs with full force and soul for the entire duration of their show. His voice replicates, and he never tires. As he howls at the crowd, fans howl back in full force. Guitarist Jake Kiszka plays as though the guitar is an extension of his body. He has multiple guitar solos throughout the set and shows talent and skill beyond his young 22 years. Younger brother Sam is a sensationally talented melodic bass player, showing off his dexterity by flipping the guitar on his back to play.

At one point, he even sets his left foot up playing the organ while his hands jam out on the keyboard. Drummer Danny Wagner impresses with his solo performance during GVF’s second song. Reminiscent of John Bonham, his drumming is straightforward and magnetic. The crowd was hypnotized by his beat and they chanted with fists in the air. They closed with “Watching Over” and “Edge Of Darkness.” For their encore, Greta Van Fleet returned to the stage with a multitude of guitar-solo heavy riffs such as “Brave New World”,” as well as Muddy Waters cover, “Rolllin and Tumblin,” where they left the spellbound crowd chanting for more. The multi-generational crowd bathed the sky of the beautiful Fox Theatre in bevy of light with lighters and cellphones alike.

Live, Greta Van Fleet is discovering their place among the blues and rock n’ roll giants, amongst other homegrown greats such as Flint’s Grand Funk Railroad and Detroit’s own Rock God Jack White. Incredible live shows are selling out round the world, attracting crowds from every generation and every media platform. Vintage vibes, transcending with fans of classic and modern rock music, GVF has renewed my faith in the younger generation of music makers. In the sea of hand-wavers, you couldn’t tell who was with father or friend.

Everyone was in a feel-good mood, the energy was seductive. The band played fluidly and genuinely seems to enjoy playing together live. Up for four Grammy nominations, GVF is hella refreshing. They can sing, they can play, and yeah, they’ve got some flair. You get the feeling you could take this band into any era of modern music and they would be relevant. I’d like to see where they are in another year or two, give them time to experience and grow their sound.

Only time will tell (with the much rumored full-length album coming in 2019) if GVF will continue on as the phenomenon they have become. These guys may be young, but they are undeniably talented. If you somehow managed to miss one of their three sold-out shows here in Detroit, you might catch them on their world-wide tour in 2019.

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