Diamante In Detroit With Eva Under Fire And Elsie Binx

The Blue Balls Holiday Tour

Diamante, Eva Under Fire, and Elsie Binx put on some of the best shows in the alternative rock scene. Their music has a special combination of post-grunge, metal, and other influences, with a penchant for excellent stage presence and great musicianship all around.

It feels very natural for these 3 acts to share the stage, and they did exactly that just in time for the holiday season, with the aptly (and hilariously) named ‘Blue Balls Holiday Tour,’ which is  taking Diamante across America.

Elsie Binx makes music that reminds of rock giants such as earlier Linkin Park or Foo Fighters, with darker textures and amazing vocal melodies. The singer knows how to keep the audience entertained, and the show that this band puts together is absolutely incredible. This group is a great example of what it’s like to make rock music that blurs the lines between different styles and breaks away from the usual clichés of the genre. If you are not familiar with the band, think of how Paramore might sound like if they decided to down tune their guitars and borrow gear from Staind.

Eva Under Fire also brought their A-game to this show (as with performance that they put on). The massive riffs and grooves of the backing band are like a super-charge modern take of the sound of bands like Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath, with Amanda offering some expressive and passionate vocals. With influences as diverse as punk, alternative rock and post-hardcore, this band covers a huge range of sounds.

Diamante, headlining the tour, is doing a fantastic show at keeping the audience engage. The sound of the band reminds me of legendary acts such as Joan Jett, as well as Ratt and Motley Crue, only to mention but a few. Their music is the kind of unapologetic, fun, and catchy hard rock that you just can’t help but move along to. The songs are catchy and well-written, and even if you are not familiar with the band when you see them live (perhaps you are in the crowd to support another act) you are definitely going to be captivated by Diamante and the group’s tight live show.

If you are in the mood with a night of extremely well-performed rock music, and some charismatic front women,   you do not want to miss out on any of theses bands this season.





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