The Mahones – The Black Irish Album

The Black Irish Album
Release Date: March 8, 2011
Run Time: 48:05
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1. A Great Night on the Lash
2. Ghost of a Whiskey Devil
3. The Wild Rover
4. A Pain From Yesterday
5. The Blood Is On Your Hands
6. Girl With Galway Eyes
7. The Shamrock Shore
8. Give It All Ya Got (Or Forget About It)
9. Lord of the Dirty Hordes
10. Whiskey Under the Bridge
11. Paint the Town Red 2010 – ‘The Fighter’ Mix (Bonus Track)
12. Here Comes A Regular (Bonus Track)
For months I have been checking for news on The Black Irish album by The Mahones, from their official Facebook and Twitter pages. My curiosity was starting to get to me as I kept reading about how much work had gone into the album. Finny McConnell being such a brilliant songwriter and all of the special guests appearing on the album looked interesting. Naturally, my expectations were set sky high. It was implied that The Black Irish album would be one that could really set the tone of any sporting event, pub, or party. It really lives up to that expectation.

What you get is 10 tracks and 2 bonus tracks of pure Irish Punk rock. One of the bonus tracks is a new mix of Paint The Town Red, which was featured in the movie The Fighter staring Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale. The bread and butter of the album are the vocals, and what you would expect with any Mahones album. Finny sounds timeless and all of his wild callin’ and yellin’ is there. The instrumentals are flawless with great guitar riffs and Katie’s epic accordion playing. Personally, I think sound wise this is the best they have ever been.

A Great Night On The Lash, which is the first single, features Rick Barton on guitar. Rick is a outstanding performer and what a treat it is to have him with The Mahones. The song tells the story of just how much fun one can have at 6 am drinking with Shane McGowan. And my initial opinion did not change after several full listens later. This song is a great way to set up how the rest of the Black Irish Album will play out. The song order has a natural flow and they all blend very well together. Among the original material, there is a cover of The Wild Rover. I found it really enjoyable with The Mahones vibe. One of the best things about Irish Punk artists is hearing what they bring when covering a perpetual Irish Folk song that our grandparents sang to us, and that we will sing to our grand kids.

My personal favorite, The Shamrock Shore is the song I can’t stop playing lately. I have to listen to that song at least three time a day. It’s like when you were as a little kid, and watching your favorite movie five times a day. Lyrical wise, A Pain From Yesterday feels to be repetitive which of course means, it’s catchy. This will be the song that you find yourself humming the melody of while doing your daily routine.

This is the strongest release from the Mahones to date. Die hard fans have just gotten their reason to be elitist, (but come on guys, stay humble) and on the fence listeners will have no doubt find a new love for and appreciation for The Mahones. I give the Black Irish album, a very easy five out of five Guinness.

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The Black Irish Album is the strongest Mahones release to date. It’s full of upbeat tunes and great sports like anthems.


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