Street Dogs – Savin Hill

Street Dogs Review
Release Date: September 23, 2003
Run Time: 40:59
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1. Savin Hill
2. Cut Down on the 12th
3. Star
4. Fighter
5. The Pilgrim: Chapter 33
6. Justifiable Fisticuffs
7. Stand Up
8. When It Ends
9. Don’t Preach to Me
10. 2 Bottles
11. Declaration
12. Lakes
13. Last Call
14. Borstal Breakout
15. Modern Day Labor Anthem

Former Dropkick Murphy’s member Mike McColgan is back! He is back with his new band Street Dogs and there debut album Savin Hill. Former Dropkick Murphy’s drummer Jeff Erna, and Rob Guidotti on guitar joins in with McColgan. The bass position is filled with ex-hellcats Johnny Rioux. This album is a little over 40 minutes of pure street punk with workers anthems, life in general, booze, and just an all around great sing along album. The music will just grab your attention form the first few seconds of playing it, and the vocals are completly superb. Is there anything more they can do to make you say “This album was well worth the money?” Well how about bringing some old friends along?

Stand up features Ken Casey and Al Barr of Dropkick Murphy’s and Justifiable Fisticuffs has Dicky Barrett of the Bosstones. The track Savin Hill touches on a blue collar Catholic neighborhood in Boston. Fighter, is a tribute to a friend that is now gone. Jakes, which is one of Mike’s favorites, speaks to his job. And Don’t Preach to Me is a catchy tune about mainstream entertainers who try to shove there own political beliefs down mindless sheep’s throats. But then again, who needs politics when you can put it on the track 2 bottles and sing along? This album gets a well deserved 5 out of 5. So go pick it up now. You will be glad you did. Also Click here to view my interview wih Mike McColgan!

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Mike McColgan’s new band Street Dogs came out with a very strong Debut. Savin Hill is about tough times, struggles, and working class tunes. If you’re a fan of old school Dropkick Murphys, then this is the album for you.


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