Sir Reg – A Sign of the Times

Sir Reg A sign of the Times
Release Date: October 21, 2011
Run Time: 42:07
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1. A Sign of the Times
2. Dying to Rebel
3. How the Hell Can You Sleep?
4. This Country’s for Sale
5. Far Away
6. Bolloxology
7. I’ll Leave for New York
8. Living On the Moon
9. Ah Just Leave Me Alone
10. Frustration
11. Dublin City

Back in 2010 Sir Reg released their first album (or re-released I should say) on APX Music. It was love at first listen for me, their original content was fantastic. Whenever I get asked who is my favorite guitarist, favorite fiddler, or who I think has the best vocals, I can usually answer immediately. Sir Reg started to make me question my personal favorites. I enjoyed every track on the their self-titled album. I felt like eight songs just weren’t enough. Needless to say, I was highly anticipating a new release.

In 2011 we saw the release of A Sign Of The Times. We got 11 songs with the majority of them being catchy upbeat tunes. Brendan Sheehy vocals are strong and passionate. Just like a young Luke Kelly, he can tell a story with lyrics that feel sincere and honest. The backing vocals from the rest of the band also do a great job of setting a tone.

While there’s nothing really innovative instrumental wise, the band sounds stellar with what they use. It’s just a perfect blend of enough electric guitar, whistles, fiddle and what have you. When Sir Reg slows down, they play just as well. Though most of the songs are fast-paced and highly energetic. The lyrics are mostly about hardships and depressing situations, however it’s not a depressing album. As a matter of fact, this might be something you would put on your workout playlist on your MP3 player. Flogging Molly released a similar album in 2011, and when I say similar I mean theme wise, not quality. To be brutally honest, A Sign Of The Times is just far superior.

My expectations for this band are now set pretty high. Perhaps it’s because of their strong debut and follow-up album. They’ve once again left me hungering for more. I’m very curious to see how and if their sound changes in future releases. Will they stick to the basic formula like the Murphy’s, or maybe do some experimenting like The Pogues? I loved to hear a traditional cover from these guys. It would be very interesting to see what they can do with some timeless songs. Whatever they decide to do, one things for certain, they can play great original material.With that said, A Sign Of The Times is an album you’ll want to add to your collection. Some of my favorite songs include How The Hell Can You Sleep, I’ll Leave For New York and This Country’s For Sale.

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Sir Reg “A Sign of the Times,” is an album you will want to check out if you are looking for an alternative to fast paced bands Celtic Punk bands like Flogging Molly.


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