Greenland Whalefishers Live At Farmer Phil’s Festival

Release Date: February 1, 2012
Run Time: 33:66
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1. 4 Season Song
2. Hit the Ground
3. Waiting
4. I Just Saw You
5. I Am Roving
6. July Morning
7. Rich Holder At Thorp Arch
8. Backup Man
9. Limp Jos Story
10. Loboville
11. The Wild Rover

Today we are going to be taking a look at The Greenland Whalefishers Live At The Farmer Phil’s Festival. The event took place on August 14th 2012 in Shropshire, Shrewsbury England. The live recording was then taken back to Norway where it was mixed and mastered, and now I have it here on blue vinyl. I’ve been a pretty big Whalefishers fan throughout the years. They’ve got a great sound, which I’ve always felt was heavily influenced by The Pogues. With a decent discography under their belts, the band put together a really nice set. The majority of the songs are by Arvid.

Unfortunately, I’ve never had a chance to see Greenland Whalefishers live. I was hoping this album would give me an idea of what it would be like to be a a part of one of their shows. After several days of multiple listens I decided two things. Firstly, the production quality of this album is so good it almost feels wrong. I had to look up some clips on YouTube of the event to make sure what I’ll was listening to was authentic. And it is, my hats off to the band, the sound engineer and everyone involved in producing a live Greenland Whalefishers show. They maintain a good stage presence while playing every note flawlessly. From the groovy base to the Swift penny whistle playing, it all sounds phenomenal.

I actually got out my other Greenland Whalefishers albums to do a bit of a comparison between the record versions, and the live songs. I was looking to see if there were any change ups with notes, instrumentals, lyrics, etc. I didn’t really find many differences at all. Which says a lot about the band. From start to finish they gave it their all and they did an excellent job. The second thing I decided was that this is probably one of the best Celtic Punk bands you will ever see perform live. They rank right up there with flogging Molly, in their own way of course.

I normally finish off my reviews with how I think fans should purchase an album. Be it only a handful of songs, or the entire album. As far as Live At Farmer Phil’s Festival goes, I can’t stress this enough, if you can get this on blue vinyl, do it. I promise you that you will not regret it. It’s a must have for any Celtic Punk collection. If you are unable to get the limited edition LP, I recommend you get the full album on your favorite MP3 store. Cough, amazon. We give Live At The Farmer Phil’s Festival an 8.6

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The Greenland Whalefishers show us that they are one of the best live Celtic Punk bands with this live album. If you can pick up a copy on vinyl, you must.

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