EP Review: Paper Hawk – The Tide

Paper Hawk - The tidePaper Hawk is a duo with a focus on a very distinctive blend of alternative rock and folk. The pair brings a poignant and intimate tone, which sounds personal and somewhat introspective, without necessarily making any compromise in terms of energy. Their recent EP release, “The Tide,” is a step forward for this outfit, highlighting their creative vision and broad scope. The project features 4 new songs, which echo the work of artists as diverse as Radiohead, Daughter or Ellie Goulding, just to mention but a few.

The opening number, “Trailis,” is a very atmospheric track with lush sonic textures and amazing drones, while the vocal melodies stand out beautifully. The second song on this release is titled “The Fourteenth Floor,” and it certainly showcases the duo’s most intimate side, with a delicate acoustic tone that makes me think of artists like Nick Drake or Elliott Smith. The guitar has got a very fragile tone, due to the gentle strumming, while the vocals are emotional and deeply introspective, adorned with simple, yet effective echo effects.

The third track on this release, “Northern Sky,” is a dreamy song with a huge textural landscape contrasting and complementing the acoustic guitar at the same time. This song has got a lot of depth to it, and it certainly stands out as one of the most interesting moments on this release. Last, but definitely not least, we’ll get to the final track, “Written in The Lines.” This powerful song makes for a suitable closing number, and it really allows the band to go full circle, by combining the acoustic format with a refreshing “full band arrangement,” welcoming percussion elements, drones and tasteful vocal harmonies.

Release Date: May 2, 2018
Run Time: 16:31
Label: Folklore Sessions

Track Listing:
1. Trails
2. The Fourteenth Floor
3. Northern Sky
4. Written in the Lines

Final Score




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