Darkbuster – 22 Songs

Release Date: January 1, 2005
Run Time: 33:06
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1. That’s Correct
2. Nothing At All
3. Lillith Fair
4. Motown
5. Amazing Royal Shaft
6. Hell On Wheels
7. Jerk
8. Bud
9. Lenny’s A Drunk
10. Hometown Zero
11. Miller
12. Pub
13. I Hate The Unseen
14. You Jerk
15. Happy Days
16. Cought In A Trap
17. Cheap Wine
18. Pippi Longstocking (Is A Redheaded Bitch)
19. Fmgms
20. You Fucking Jerk
21. Space Cowboy
22. Irish

If you believed everything anyone told you, you probably shouldn’t be reading this, for that matter you shouldn’t be using a computer. First of all, this album isn’t really 22 songs, but 17 songs and 5 very short clips to make it a little more interesting (not that it needs it). Secondly, there isn’t a song on here you won’t want to hear again. This is an amazing album, each and every song has something that makes it unique. “Bud” has a spoken word intro; Lenny reading off the back of a Budweiser bottle. “Irish” begins with a drunken version of Loch Lomond, and “Happy Days” is all about…well, Happy Days.

The Album also has some of their best songs in a while “I Hate The Unseen”, “Hometown Zero”, and “Nothing At All”. The the rest of the albums songs are just as good though, and contain many of the themes seen in other Irish Punk albums: Drinking, drinking and drinking. It also features a great cover of The Steve Miller Band’s “Space Cowboy”. The only flaw I could find in this album is that it wasn’t live, a Studio album doesn’t do Darkbuster justice. Go find this album, and then go see Darkbuster preform.

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While 22 Songs is a good album, Darkbusters songs sounds even better live. My persona favorite track, is the cover of The Steve Miller Bands “Space CowBoy”.


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