Craic – Amongst The Mischief and Malarkey

Release Date: March 17, 2014
Run Time: 34:37
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1. Hold the Penny
2. Lonesome Lullaby
3. 36 Bombs
4. Dirty Old Town
5. Roads Less Traveled
6. Irish Banshee
7. Serenity
8. Marching Orders
9. Parallels
10. Lily & Nolan
11. Fields of Athenry

In 2009 the Celtic punk rock band Craic, was formed in Cleveland Ohio. Craic’s latest album entitled “Amongst The Mischief and Malarkey” was released in March 2014 and stays true to the Celtic Punk bands core sound. The 8 member group blends blue grass tunes, crystal clear guitar riffs, and traditional Irish vocals for a unique and exhilarating Celtic Punk musical ride.

Some of their influences include The Mahone, Flogging and The Pogues. Craic really stands out with their superior lyrics and heavy bluegrass influence as well. This year’s full-length album is a fun and entertaining blend of all things Irish. Personal favorites include “Hold The Penny”, “The Irish Banshee”, and “Fields Of Athenry”.

‘Hold The Penny’ is by far the favorite on “Amongst The Mischief and Malarkey”. The song is upbeat, fun, and has the Celtic charm of the Irish. The instrumentals behind the song range from banjo solos to intermediate flute sounds.

The drums give the song a deeper sound that makes you want to get up and dance. Released as a single prior to the full album debut, Hold The Penny quickly gained a following and drew attention to the release of “Amongst The Mischief and Malarkey”.

‘The Irish Banshee’ adds a bit more of authentic Irish sound to the album while incorporating whimsical folklore lyrics that make the whole song a blast to listen to. The penny whistle and banjo are particularly prominent in this track, and it makes the music sound truly earnest.

‘Fields Of Athenry’ is such a beautiful song, and one of covers I never get tired of hearing. Craics take on this sad love song features an up tempo electric guitar and banjo. Their version also features male and female vocals, which adds a lot to the song and is how it should be in my opinion.

Anyone who enjoys Celtic Punk and Folk music will quickly fall in love with this album, as it has everything you’ve come to expect from a solid release, such as a couple of covers, with some fantastic original material.

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Amongst The Mischief and Malarkey has everything that's needed for an outstanding Celtic Punk album.


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