Album Review: Pixies – Come On Pilgrim…It’s Surfer Rosa 30th Anniversary Edition

There are two types of hugely influential bands. On one hand, you have groups such as Nirvana – and pretty much everyone recognizes their impact on the music world (and to a certain extent, on the culture of a couple of generations). On the other hand, you have groups that have been hugely influential, but only recognized by a handful of people truly “In the Know.” Some might say Pixies belong to the latter category. Granted, the band isn’t exactly obscure by any mean, but their influence on the music scene has been quite underplayed…they even ended up becoming a massive influence on Kurt Cobain and Nirvana, therefore extending their relevance to a massive scale.

This year, the quintessential alt-rock group set out to celebrate their 30th anniversary in style, with a really huge reissue of their iconic debut LP, Surfer Rosa. In addition to that, the package also features songs from their 1987 EP, “Come On Pilgrim” and other unreleased concert material, “Live From The Fallout Shelter.”

Featuring 8 songs, “Come On Pilgrim” was the seed that led to one of the most critically acclaimed debut full-lengths of its generation, “Surfer Rosa.” The album sports the production aesthetics of the amazing Steve Albini, who used his back-to-basics philosophy to create a vividly organic sound for this release. The drums feel roomy and dirty, while the band feels exactly like that…a band, with every member playing together in a room, without the aid of fancy studio trickery or extensive overdubbing. Upon its release, the album was well-received throughout the world, particularly in Europe and in the US.

To this day, the album really stands out for its raw and no-frills tone. By contrast, the band’s follow-up, Doolittle, has a much more polished tone, which definitely reflected the band’s status and ability to up their recording/production budget due to their success! While Doolittle felt clearer and more hi-fi in terms of sonic aesthetics, it definitely never came close to the iconic tone of their first LP.

The live recordings featured on “Live From The Fallout Shelter” are taken from a radio performance of the band, and they really stand out as a really strong snapshot of the band’s capabilities on a stage in that particular time period!

This reissue is perfect for die-hard fans, but it is also a great opportunity for newcomers to discover the essential releases of this band. The special edition releases on September 28 2018. You can pre-order here.


  • 1 / A1 Caribou
  • 2 / A2 Vamos (pilgrim)
  • 3 / A3 Isla De Encanta
  • 4 / A4 Ed Is Dead
  • 5 / B1 The Holiday Song
  • 6 / B2 Nimrod’s Son
  • 7 / B3 I’ve Been Tired
  • 8 / B4 Levitate Me
  • 1 / A1 Bone Machine
  • 2 / A2 Break My Body
  • 3 / A3 Something Against You
  • 4 / A4 Broken Face
  • 5 / A5 Gigantic
  • 6 / A6 River Euphrates
  • 7 / B1 Where Is My Mind?
  • 8 / B2 Cactus
  • 9 / B3 Tony’s Theme
  • 10 / B4 Oh My Golly!
  • 11 / B5 Vamos (Surfer Rosa)
  • 12 / B6 I’m Amazed
  • 13 / B7 Brick Is Red
  • 1 / A1 Holiday Song
  • 2 / A2 I’m Amazed
  • 3 / A3 Rock A My Soul
  • 4 / A4 Isla De Encanta
  • 5 / A5 Caribou
  • 6 / A6 Broken Face
  • 7 / A7 Subbacultcha
  • 8 / A8 Build High
  • 9 / B1 Ed Is Dead
  • 10 / B2 Nimrod’s Son
  • 11 / B3 Down To The Well
  • 12 / B4 I’ve Been Tired
  • 13 / B5 Boom Chicka Boom
  • 14 / B6 Vamos
  • 15 / B7 In Heaven
  • 16 / x Pixies Interview *

Final Score



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