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Album Review: Grimner – Vanadrottning

Release Date: February 9, 2018
Run Time: 54:01
Label: Despotz Records

Track Listing:
1. Vanadrottning
2. Avundas Hennes Ungdom
3. En Fallen Jätte
4. Kvällningssång
5. En Vilja Av Järn
6. Fafnersbane (feat. Erik Grawsiö (Månegarm))
7. Vårt Blod, Våra Liv
8. Dödens Dans
9. Ägers Salar
10. Sången Om Grimner
11. Freja Vakar (Bonus Track)

Swedish folk-metal outfit Grimner set out to release a brand new chapter to their long-standing music career. Celebrating 10 years with a new singer at the helm, the band is back with a newfound energy and a powerful vision for their latest studio effort, Vanadrottning. The album blends the classic sound of old school heavy metal with ancestral folk melodies inspired by Norse mythology.

‘Vanadrottning’ is the much-anticipated new album from Grimner, a folk-metal fusion band hailing from Sweden. Scandinavian is particularly well-known for the validity of its music scene, particularly when it comes to extreme music genres such as metal-related scenes. This group stays true to Swedens penchant for great Metal music, by combining their passion for classic New Wave metal sounds with the timeless ancestral melodies of folk music. The result feels direct, yet epic in scale. Vanadrottning, the band’s most recent work, is a full-length album due to be released on February 9th from Despotz Records. The group marks the 10th anniversary of this pioneering, original and adventurous band.

This new album is a fresh, punchy and passionate offering from Grimner, showcasing that this band is still keen on innovating, experimenting and exploring dynamic and interesting music.

The band recently experienced some line-up changes, welcoming new blood in the form of a new singer, Martin, who brings a raw voice that gives a fresh edge to the sonic vision of the group. With 10 years behind them and a new singer in the mix, Grimner is ready to add more fuel to the flame.

The first song, Vanadrottning, provides listeners with Grimner’s trademark aggressive heavy metal edge, combined with the compelling and timeless melodies of folk music with a Celtic flavor. The lyrics are performed in Swedish, and Grimner tells exciting tales that focus of Norse folklore, mythology and tales of Vikings.

The sixth number on the album ‘Fafnersbane’, takes the record to a more upbeat and fiery direction. In this track Grimner once again seamlessly fuses pagan folk with metal in a delicate balance. The lyrics in this song are truthful, authentic and direct, boasting the trademark sound of the band.

En Fallen Jätte, From The New Album Vanadrottning

Frega Vakar is the perfect end to this eclectic album, which stirs things towards different directions, one track at a time. This song is high-powered, intense and aggressive, with melodies that will leave you feeling fired up and full of adrenaline. The fast paced guitar riffs in this song lock in perfectly with the driven rhythm section, solid drums and thundering bass tones.

Ultimately, this last offering from Grimner is a diverse, catchy and ambitious collection of sophisticated songs that are a must for any folk/metal fan.

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Final Score



The last offering from Grimner is a diverse, catchy and ambitious collection of sophisticated songs that are a must for any folk/metal fan.

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