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Album Review: DragonForce – Extreme Power Metal

DragonForce Extreme Powermetal Album CoverDragonforce is a band that needs no introduction. The fastest power-metal combo in the world has been leaving a trail of fire and flames behind, ripping it up with their new music and inspiring their audience with every release. Hailing from London, England, the band is no stranger to blowing minds with the complexity of their arrangements, but more importantly, their live performances and songs are fun and engaging.

Guitarists Herman Li and Sam Totman are now bonafide guitar legends, and each Dragonforce record features some detailed, elongated guitar solos, where speed and technicality blend in with good melodies and great arrangements. Today, they are back with their aptly titled new album, “Extreme Power Metal!” This beautiful release is going to be out on the 27th of September, and it features some of the band’s most diverse sounds today.

Produced in LA, the sound has a glossier vibe than some of the band’s previous material, but this doesn’t mean that Dragonforce weakened their formula. On the contrary, everything is super-sized. The guitars are as textured and multi-dimensional as ever, while the other elements in the mix are well-defined and monolith. The album was recorded in a very innovative way, engaging fans through Herman Li’s live stream channel on Twitch, making people a part of the process in a very special way.

This real-time interaction with people during the recording process contributed to the spontaneity of the process, giving the performances an even edgier feel. Another thing that makes this record really special is the fact that keyboards and other atmospheric sounds were performed by Coen Janssen, known for his distinctive work with Symphonic metal band Epica. He really added some extra depth to the textures of this album, not overpowering the guitars, but adding to them, contributing to the harmonic richness of the songs in a very tasteful way, that still sounds 100% like a Dragonforce record.

Ultimately, “Extreme Power Metal” is a more focused version of Dragonforce, uncapping the band’s full potential, and really allowing each musician to let loose, creating something that’s engaging, fun, and impressive all at once.

Final Score

Overall - 9.4



DragonForces unleashes an album that brings a new wave of exciting definition and power to the band’s iconic music.

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