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Album Review: Chthonic – Battlefields of Asura

Hailing from Taiwan, Chthonic is an extreme metal band with a really distinctive sound and creative concept. The group is becoming very well-known internationally, due to the band’s hard-working ethics, relentless touring and more importantly, great music.

“Battlefields of Asura” is the band’s long-awaited follow up to “Butik,” their acclaimed 2013 release, which establish them among the purveyors of extreme music in the Far East. Since then, they managed to bring their music on tour through the world, playing in over 40 countries and conquering new fans with their very personal tone and vision.

For their new release, the band actually teamed up with Randy Blythe (Lamb of God) as well as Denise Ho, an award-winning singer and fighter from Hong Kong. The album displays a combination of extreme metal sonorities and Asian folk music, and the lyrical themes of the album match the nuanced and eclectic flavor of this mix.

“Battlefields of Asura” is all about the tales of Taiwan’s divinities, their conflicts, struggles and stories. Musically speaking, this album is a really interesting combination of various styles, ranging from melodic death metal, to black metal, traditional folk and more.

The inclusion of keyboards and symphonic elements adds more to the melodic textures of this release, making for a really large and sometimes even epic sound. The production aesthetics suit the epic scale of these songs, which in turn, really suit the grand themes behind the album’s tracks. However, the guitar work is definitely quite relevant here, adding that “metal” footprint to all the songs and really allowing the various different elements in this release to gel together in a unique way.

The album features 10 original songs, including opening number “Drawing Omnipotence Nigh.” This track unleashes pure hell on the listeners, with fierce guitar tones and an overwhelming assault of vocals and rhythms with a powerful Black Metal influence (Cradle of Filth certainly comes to mind as an influence on this release).

One of the most distinctive elements of the sound of the band, is definitely the way Chthonic set out to incorporate Asian folk instruments into their music, creating a combination brutal metal sounds and timeless folk with ancestral vibes.

Release Date: Oct 12, 2018
Label: WIND MUSIC International

Track Listing:
1. Drawing Omnipotence Nigh
2. The Silent One’s Torch
3. Flames upon the Weeping Winds
4. A Crimson Sky’s Command
5. Souls of the Revolution
6. Taste the Black Tears
7. One Thousand Eyes
8. Masked Faith
9. Carved in Bloodstone
10. Millennia’s Faith Undone
11. Autopoiesis
12. “Battlefields of Asura”

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