Album Review: Blake Brown & The American Dust Choir – Long Way Home

“Long Way Home” is a new, exciting release by Blake Brown & The American Dust Choir. Besides the charismatic frontman, the group also consists of his wife Tiffany Brown (keys and vocals), as well as Adam Blake (Drums), Jason Legler (bass) and Trent Nelson (guitar). These talented musicians set out to hit the recording studio with a precise vision, crafting 10 tracks that explore different directions, while staying true to folk and Americana roots.

“Between The Lines” is a perfect album opener, combining the energy of rock with the appeal of pop, often echoing the work of bands such as The Verve or Turin Brakes. It’s all about great melodies, blending in with catchy arrangements and direct energy. The second track on the release, “Kissing Knives” is a slow-paced ballad with a haunting atmosphere, often reminiscent of artists the likes of Ryan Adams. “Up In Arms” is probably one of the most engaging tracks on this releases, combining atmospheric drones with vibrant acoustic guitars and upbeat drums. This is the perfect alt/folk gem, and it encapsulates the concept of the band in a profound way.

“Fever Dreams” is built on top of a mid-tempo groove and catchy guitar lines, hovering past an ocean of modulated synth drones. The vocals are intimate and dreamy, often echoing the sound of bands such as early Coldplay or Death Cab For Cutie.

“Stop Shakin’” might be one of the album’s heavy hitter, with an infectious beats and stadium-sized guitar riffs that contrast with the introspective feel of vocals that remind me of artists such as Elliott Smith. “I won’t make a Sound” is one of the album’s most hypnotic songs, with a charming, slow-dance groove. “Get Out”, is a perfect combination of Arena Rock and Country Folk, think The E Street Band jamming with The Boxer Rebellion.

“Accidental Love”
is the album’s heartfelt acoustic ballad, beginning with gently strummed acoustic guitar chords and earnest lyrics, and ending with a more elaborate arrangements, featuring minimal percussion and big piano chords.

“Bended Knee” is a pop-rock tune that makes me think of artists such as The Fray – everything is crisp and clear, with well-defined arrangements and a spacious mix, that has got some R&B influences in the form of the beautiful background vocals. The curtain closer is another intimate acoustic ballad, “Untitled”. The track is intimate and direct, showcasing Blake’s spontaneous and natural fondness for songs that are simple, yet easy to relate to.

“Long Way Home” is a phenomenal debut that’s lacking in flaws while having an abundance of tracks that had me hitting repeat multiple times. I love’d this record, which is why I’m going to recommend picking up the full release.

Release Date: March 9, 2018
Run Time: 33:13
Label: Blake Brown & The American Dust Choir

Track Listing:
1. Between the Lines
2. Kissing Knives
3. Up in Arms
4. Fever Dreams
5. Stop Shakin’
6. I Won’t Make a Sound
7. Accidental Love
8. Get Out
9. Bended Knee
10. Untitled

Final Score



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