Album Review: Benyaro – One Step Ahead of Your Past

benyaro one step ahead of your past
Release Date: September 8, 2017
Run Time: 46:17
Label: Mohinga Music
Track Listing:
1. That’s the Way Things Seem to Go
2. Breadwinner
3. Time’s Not on Your Side
4. Nice ‘n Steady
5. Is It Worth It
6. Pimp Wife
7. Temporary Lapse of Sense of Humor
8. Home Cookin’
9. New Moon
10. I Do
11. Penchant for the Blue
12. Home
13. Hey, Camille

Benyaro’s latest LP, “One Step Ahead of Your Past,” was released on September 8, 2017. It was recorded at Echo Mountain Recording in Asheville, NC and Mohinga Music Recording in Jackson Hole, WY. The album was co-produced by Ben Musser and Danny Kadar and mixed by Danny Kadar. All of the songs were written by Musser except for “Penchant for the Blue,” which was co-written with Scott Classen. It is available for streaming across digital platforms as well as on CD.

The album was made when Mussen became a husband and a father. The lyrics of the songs reflect his experiences with this new life chapter and describe the experience realistically. Something that many young adults can relate to, making the album that much more enjoyable. The stories are infused with humor that is real and the love songs are not super sappy or overly sweet. In a time where a lot of release with this type of content seems overdone and inauthentic, “One Step Ahead of Your Past,” is a refreshing a piece of work.

The album has a distinctive indie sound, but also toys with various styles such as rock and even a little bit of rap. The over all tone of the album is a very unique blend. There is an eclectic group of instruments featured, from saxophones to various guitars. The vocals are genuine; it is obvious that there is no auto tune or other vocal editing going on. The songs are sung with passion and sincerity that only comes from writing content that one would be ardent about.

The production of the album is well done. The vocals are never overpowered by the instruments and the harmonies add a nice flavor to the melody. While many of the songs are close to four minutes long, they are interesting and do not feel like they are that long at all. The pacing of the album keeps the listener interested while keeping things moving. The story of the album is cohesive throughout and listeners will be taken on that journey .

Overall, this album is perfect for anyone who is experiencing new chapters in their lives, especially getting married and having children. This album has a tale that listeners who are experiencing or have experienced these things can relate to and will appreciate the humor that is tossed in along the way. The conversational tone of the album makes it approachable and the roots/ country style helps advance the story line.

Final Score



One Step Ahead of Your Past is a refreshing take on settling down and immerses listeners on that journey.

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