1916 Stand Up And Fight

1916 Stand Up And Fight
Release Date: September 9, 2013
Run Time: 41:37
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1. No Surrender
2. Storm Surge
3. Wild Rover
4. The Mero
5. Irish & Proud
6. The Letter Home
7. Welia Walia
8. Wicked Family Tree
9. Tell Me Ma
10. Knock ‘Em out!
11. Raglan Road
12. Whiskey Rebellion

Stand Up and Fight opens with No Surrender, which showcases 1916’s very unique sound from the outset. The vocals are very strong and are enhanced and strengthened in the choruses by the addition of group vocals. There is a lot of sound, and so much going on during this track, it’s sure to please those that like their rock filled to the brim.

The drums have a very electronic sound to them and the bass playing is impressive. Yet, I had to go through several playthroughs (which is not a bad thing) because it was tough to focus on any one instrument, aside from the vocals because the background music takes up space in the foreground of the mix.

Storm Surge followed with a very natural, raw sound in the introduction. The instrument performances are solid and detailed, while at the same time having some timing changes. The vocals are strong and in-your-face without being overly aggressive, and a pleasing, simple melody appears throughout the track’s duration.

The track closes with a strong, big-band ending and leads into Tell Me Ma nicely. This track is better tempo-wise, and picks up where the previous tune left off. The solo vocals are isolated during the introduction, yet are quickly joined by more group vocals as the song progresses.

The Letter Home featured vocals of a different singing style with more of a modern rock vibe. The different sound and tone was much appreciated here, another solid vocal performance among the band’s catalog. The performances are more aligned here, and while there is a lot going on there you can’t hear much differentiation in dynamics throughout the whole track.

The drum beat was intriguing, keeping things interesting while providing a back beat to the uniquely developing story line. There is lots of emotion on display here, the song full of good backing vocals and good harmonies.

The Mero featured an outstanding opening drum beat and solid opening feel. The guitar’s tone was equally exciting and played to the memorability of the track with a appeasing melody. The vocals were doubled in the chorus to provide emphasis; the vocals were a strong spot throughout the record. The story lines and choruses were interesting and showed depth.

Overall Stand Up and Fight is a solid release from 1916, and is currently available on amazon and Itunes.

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Stand Up and Fight is a solid release from 1916, and we recommend it for those that like their rock filled to the brim.


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