Single Review: Sons – Rise

Hailing from the UK, Sons set out to create music that feels gritty, direct and uncompromising. Their recent single, “Rise”, makes me think of artists such as Japandroids, Death From Above 1976, or Wavves, just to mention a few.

The track is filthy and fuzzy, with a very organic production value that really adds to the exciting feel of the band’s blend of rock music. However, there is something more than guitar riffs and syncopated beats under the layers of dirty rock’n’roll production. The song is actually extremely catchy and well-written, echoing the band’s pop sensibilities, without losing their rock credibility. Published last December via “Till Deaf Do Us Party” Records as a digital release, “Rise” embodies the band’s growth and vision, following their well-received previous singles, “Reptiles”, “A Love Song”” as well as “Zealot.”

This track still retains the band’s watermark and distinctive tone signature, while raising their voice with a vivid and witty political statement, related to how younger people seems to have lost a powerful voice and identity in the current socio-political scene across the world. It seems that social media are giving us the illusion of acting as amplifiers, allowing us to reach out to the world with a simple status update. Instead, these digital interactions are more like echo chambers, getting lost in the numbers of a crowd that only craves one thing: validation. “Rise” is all about truly letting your voice be heard and avoid the cliche of social media as an easy way out.

The song doesn’t just critique the current situation, but it also ends with a positive message: We will rise. At the end, the new generation might hopefully be able to truly see the light and re-discover the power of its own voice. The song is also available on Youtube as a video, created by Thomas Langridge. Find out more and listen:

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