Album Review: The Dollyrots – Daydream Explosion

The Dollyrots have always been about combining the authentic grit of early punk rock with the melodies of pop-punk, with a 90s twist.

Their music has often been hailed as an intriguing crossroads between classic punk (Think Buzzcocks, The Sex Pistols) and more modern acts (Think Green Day). Recently, the group set out to finish working on a brand new album, “Daydream Explosion.”

The album is the follow up to “Whiplash Splash,” the band’s previous full-length, which was released in 2017. The sound of this new release stays true to the band’s root sound, albeit the melodies are as catchy as ever, and the overall tone of this release is brighter and more colorful, as its title might suggest.

The release, which was heavily supported by the group’s eager fanbase, features a collection of new, catchy songs that go straight to the core of the band’s sound. It’s all about unapologetic guitar riffs, melodic lyrics and insightful lyrics with a twist.

Take the band’s lead single for the release, “Everything,” for example. This track is very direct, with a cheerful and uplifting vibe. The video is also particularly sweet, reflecting the band’s family dynamics (The Dollyrots consists of a husband-wife team, in case you didn’t know.) as well as highlighting the group’s commitment to creating great sounds.

On songs like “Animal,” the group channels their inner Runaways, with anthemic hooks and super-charged verses, which really bring the song to new heights. If you are a fans of tracks such as Less Thank Jake’s “She’s Gonna Break Soon” (and that entire banger of an album, for that matter!), this one is going to be for you.

The sound could be compared to some of the earlier work of bands such as Blink-182 or Fenix TX, among others, but I can also identify some cool 80s influences. Cheap Trick certainly comes to mind.

Along the lines of “Everything,” The Dollyrots managed to create a fun and unapologetic album, which is all about celebrating the fun spirit of true punk rock. What’s even more remarkable is the fact that this alum is totally DIY, and it has made possible due to the amazing supports of the band’s fans.

It’s truly amazing that we live in a time when relationships between a band and their fans are not just limited to being musicians and listeners. Fans can contribute to the work of an artist, and help them bring their project to life through platforms such as Kickstarter, or GoFundMe, only to mention a few. The Dollyrots managed to engage their audience in the process, and allowed them to contribute to the creation of what’s one of their most significant albums to date.

“Daydream Explosion” is one of those album that you can enjoy from start to finish, and every single track is a banger.

Final Score

Overall - 9



A playful album filled to the brim with so many fun and enjoyable tracks.

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