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Sabaton Announces New Album “The Great War,” Will Release On July 19th

Power metal legends Sabaton have announced that they will be releasing their ninth studio album on July 19, 2019, which is in time for the band’s 20th anniversary. “The Great War,” which is a concept album, will cover stories from the first world war. The band began the recordings exactly 100 years after the end of the first world war, 11/11/1918) and they spent three months of intense work to complete the project.

“This is not the first time we sing about stories from this period in time, but now we felt the timing was right to make a full concept album about this war”

“This is the biggest album we have taken on so far, there is so much depth and story around the songs that we never had before”, Expect many surprises as we have tried new things and we also went back in time to a concept we know a lot of you love. The Great War has been created side by side with the Sabaton History Channel to make 2019 the most exciting year in our 20 year history.”

-Pär Sundström

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