Folk N’ Metal Podcast Episode 4: In Like A Lion

Hails and horns everybody! I want to welcome you to episode number four of the Folk N’ Metal podcast. It’s been a while since I laid one of these podcast out, and I figured it ought to be time. And now that St. Patrick’s Day has passed, there’s no time like the present. So turn it up loud, come along with me, and enjoy some Folk N’ Metal

Track Listing

Beorn's Hall Estuary
TýrBlood of Heroes
Battlesoul Totem
Arkona Shtorm
Battle Tales Bloodlust Invoked
Last Legion Wolves of Winter
SuidAkrA The Hunter's Horde
Frost Giant Last Stand of the Einherjar
Nattsmyg The Harper And The Devil
Adavant Overgaard
Verikalpa Pahan Laulu
Trollwar Omens of Victory
Heidevolk A Wolf in My Heart

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