Folk N’ Metal Podcast: Episode 1

Hello everyone and welcome to the debut pilot episode of the Folk N’ Metal podcast! We will be playing the latest music in the folk metal scene, along with some classics. As of now, we plan on having episodes be monthly, though that could change in the future. We would love to hear your feedback, as well as suggestions for who’d you’d like to hear on the show. You can contact us at press [at] folknrock.com

Below you’ll find the debut episode, as well as a track listing of all of songs, bands, and albums which are featured on today show. Be sure to subscribe by clicking here!

Episode 1 Track Listing

BandSong Album
IsenmorThe Old Mead Hall Land of the Setting Sun
Atlas Pain The Counter Dance What the Oak Left
Folk Metal Jacket Delirium Tremens Spill This Album
TriddanaFaking a War Ripe for Rebellion
Ithilien HopelessShaping the Soul
Drakwald Doomsday Argument Riven Earth
Folk Metal Jacket Mosh'n'Storm Spill This Album
The Privateer Dawn of a Sailesman Facing the Tempest
Celtibeerian The Great Feast Tirikantam
BrymirCycle of Flame Breathe Fire To The Sun
Kanseil Tzimbar bint Doin Earde
BattlesoulAscension Tir Na Nog
TrollfestProfessor Otto Helluva
NekrogoblikonNo One Survives Stench
Heidevolk Vinland Velua
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