Folk N’ Metal Episode 3 – The Winter Warmer

Greetings all, and welcome to the third episode of the Folk N’ Metal podcast! Winter is here and along with winter comes cold weather and snow, which really gets my heathen blood heated up! And what better way to blow off some energy, then to fire off some kick ass heavy-metal tunes. So here you are with episode three, and if you’re looking for something a little bit different, I invite you all to check out www.paddyrock.com. That’s only if you need to get your Shamrock in a twist. But until next time everybody, stay heavy, and stay loud!


Green Carnation Six Ribbons
Eluveitie The Nameless
Finntroll Can You Forgive Her?
Moonsorrow Suden Tunti
Heidevolk Ontwaakt
Heidevolk Vulgaris Magistralis
Adorned Brood Kreuzeslast
Heidra Witch of Prophecy
Tuatha de Danann Lover of the Queen
Black Messiah Gullveig
Einherjer Fimbul Winter
FolkstoneGrige maree
VanaheimThe Dwarven Chant

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