Tuska Open Air 2019

Tuska Open Air is a festival that has been making headlines due to its fantastic line-up, with some of the coolest metal acts to grace Finnish stages in the summer of 2019. Most notable, this festival actually became a little piece of music history, because it actually hosted Slayer’s final show in Finland.

The legendary group announced their retirement from the scene a while back, and they’re just wrapping up their final world tours to treat their fans to something amazing one last time. Of course, Slayer’s performance was just as incredible and massive as you would expect. This is a band that doesn’t need to prove anything, yet they always do! It is not surprising that this is one of the most successful and prolific groups on the scene. Clearly, they’re going out when they’re still on top of their game! In addition to Slayer, the festival also hosted many other fantastic acts, including Jinjer, Amorphis, ad Anneke Van Giersbergen, among others.

Even some of the smaller acts really brought their A game at this open-air festival, and overall, the quality of the music maintained extraordinarily high levels. Ever since its earliest edition in 1998, Tuska has been a yearly ritual for all Scandinavian metal fans, and beyond. The 2019 edition of this festival has definitely been worth the hype, giving fans an extreme taste of some of the best heavy music out there.

The coolest thing about this festival is that there’s room to reminisce on the past, but there is also a willingness to innovate and come up with something different. This philosophy seems to be working out, considering that 2019 was a record-breaking year for the festival, which hosted over 43.000 metal fans!

The Hellacopters was another long-awaited name on this line-up. This Swedish rock and roll combo (also featured previous Entombed members) is a fun and larger-than-life group, which brings back those 70s and early 80s vibes, laced with punk. Fans of bands like Guns’N’Roses, Social Distortion, and Turbonegro will love this one.

Hardcore music has always been well-represented at this festival as well, and this year, Sick Of It All brought a lot of fire to the stage. As this is one of hardcore’s most respected bands, we wouldn’t have expected anything different!


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