The Shadow Tour: Kamelot, Battle Beast, And Sonata Arctica

The billing continues to be stacked for Kamelots series of “The Shadow Tour,” which has been going on for what seems like quite a while now. After the release of their latest studio album The Shadow Theory, the band has been going on various massive world tours, and there doesn’t really seem to be any end in sight.

The current lineup for The Shadows tour is a masterpiece of melodic, progressive, and power influences rolled into an epic night of rock. This time the group has joined forces with Helsinki heavy metallers Battle Beast and Kemi power metal icons Sonata Arctica. Also, Kamelot was again joined by guest vocalist Lauren Hart of Once Human who continues to knock it out of the park and impressed with her singing.

Kamelot once again manages to retain their classic vibe for the old-school fans, simultaneously bringing that new sense of purpose to their music. Along with an incredible billing, this is definitely a show you want to check out if it rolls into your city. As a matter fact, it’s one you want to go out of your way for to catch.


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