The Party Gallery: Andrew W.K. At The Opera House In Toronto

On October 17, 2017 legendary partier Andrew WK played a show with his full band at The Opera House in Toronto Ontario Canada. Andrew is notorious for bringing a massive amount of infectious, and positive energy with his performances. You’ll always find yourself leaving the venue with a huge smile on your face.

Before the song “Tear It Up,” Andrew made a speech about how all of the hardships and challenges that we experience in life, are nothing more than test just to see how hard can party. His shows are truly are unique in the sense that not only is it great music, but it’s a massive motivational boost, and of course, a hard party.

Andrew also broke out that magnificent taco guitar, and played a long intro to “She Is Beautiful.” This song of course was a crowd favorite, with everyone singing along loudly. You can check out the gallery below, as well as the set list. Photos By: Lizzie Elliott


Music Is Worth Living For
Take It Off
Ready to Die
Totally Stupid
She Is Beautiful
(with guitar intro on taco guitar)
Tear It Up
You Will Remember Tonight
The Moving Room
Party Till You Puke
Never Let Down
We Want Fun
I Love NYC
(“I Love Toronto Canada, Oh yeah and A&W” )
I Get Wet

Violent Life
It’s Time to Party
Girls Own Love
Pushing Drugs
Don’t Stop Living in the Red
Party Hard
(with 90 second countdown and big finish)

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