Royal Distortion At Whiskey A Go Go In Hollywood CA

Royal Distortion is an alternative rock band with a distinctive and forward-thinking sound. Their music feels modern, yet it is inspired by retro aesthetics and timeless rock influences, making for a perfect compromise. On stage, the band knows how to keep the audience on the edge and keep the tension high with electrifying performances. Their sound makes me think of artists as diverse as Stone Temple Pilot or Detroit Cobras, making for a truly unique and forward-thinking tone with healthy doses of in-your-face attitude.

As with many bands in this genre (and rightfully so), the stage seems to be the place where Royal Distortion genuinely thrive. They can connect with their audience seamlessly, and their presence is absolutely effortless, particularly with such a charismatic front-person propelling the band’s sound and aesthetics.

Singer IQueen can bring the energy to the highest levels, but she also knows when to take a step back and sing with more melody. One of the most striking elements of the band’s vision is definitely their ability to blend in original songs with stunning covers, making for a diverse and exciting playlist. With a debut EP out, Royal Distortion is eager to show off their new material to the audience, and nothing talks like one of the band’s incredible live shows!

This is a particularly exciting time for the group, who is actually performing new material from their most recent releases. On songs such as “Kind Of Crazy,” they channel influences as diverse as Nirvana, Sex Pistols or The Stooges, with a vocalist that oozes sensuality and sings in a sultry, hypnotic way, while maintaining strong dynamics. If Courtney Love and Ella Fitzgerald had a lovechild, IQueen could definitely be it!

These seasoned LA rockers know a thing or two about what it takes to dominate a stage, and they have already proved their worth at one of the bests venues in town.


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