Rising Appalachia Wraps Up Tour In New York

Rising Appalachia is one of the fastest-growing acts in the modern folk and fusion scene. Their music blurs the lines between many different styles, and their live shows reflect their versatility. From the timeless textures of classic folk instruments and vocal harmonies, down to modern beats and other forward-thinking sound, anything goes. The studio is a perfect place where to experiment, but for Rising Appalachia, the sound really comes alive when the ensemble is performing as a unit on a stage. This is a place where they get to interact and share their energy and intensity with the crowd. The music is relatively straightforward at its core, but there is a stark emotional power, which transcends the arrangements and makes for a much deeper connection.

Rising Appalachia managed to rock the New York crowd (notoriously one of the toughest around to please, as they are quite spoiled with shows) with their set, featuring a perfect balance of all the elements that make the sound of the band truly special. The line-up has such a chemistry that it almost feels like each member live into a separate musical plane, yet they all intertwine with one another so beautifully – a true experience to behold.

Rising Appalachia

Be Steadwell


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