Photos: Wintersun – The North American Forest Tour 2018

Hailing from Finland, Wintersun has been one of the most pivotal bands of the modern European metal scene, combining genres as diverse as folk and melodic death metal into a really diverse attitude. The band’s discography is a smorgasbord of world-class musicianship, with brutal vocals alternating with cleaner singing, as well as unusual harmonies and breakneck tempos that would rip open the hands of most drummers out there!

On tour, Wintersun can definitely stay true to the excellence of their recording, if not even going the extra mile and add something special to their songs in the context of a live show. Their North American Forest Tour brought Wintersun across the new world, where they performed along with tour mates Ne Obliviscaris, and Sarah Longfield.
The tour’s name is a reference to the band’s most recent studio effort, “The Forest Seasons”, which was released in 2017. The record was well-received, marking a significant step forward for the group, with songs that seem to be a lot truer to the band as a live act than ever before.

The material from this album translated particularly well on stage, but the set list was usually a great compromise between older tracks and newer jams, often creating a nice sense of continuity throughout the shows. The band hits the stage like a raging fire, with articulate playing and rhythmically intricate songs that really stand on their own, even without the “comfortable” settings of a recording studio.

Many bands rely on recording trickery to pull off their complex arrangements, but this is definitely not the case of Wintersun. The group stays true to their famed skills, but they aren’t just technical performers: they are able to bring a lot of passion to the table, and fire up their sets with a keen sense of showmanship, which really makes their concerts all the more enjoyable. Each night is quite consistent, yet slightly different, as the band feeds off the emotion of each room.

In addition to crowd-favorites, the band also treated the audience to a new song. The new track stays true to the group’s roots, while setting the bar higher and exploring new ideas. In addition to the new music, the band also featured Heikki Sarri of Fintroll, Whorion, and Norther, for these shows.

Being on tour with Wintersun was an all around new experience. I had been on many tours before but none like this, I got the chance to share the stage with these amazing performers and each night, got lost in the trance of their incredible talents. I left with amazing memories, favorite songs, lasting friendships, and some awestruck footage. It’s the magic of tour life, it really brings people together.

Kippis my friends!


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