Photos: Vigil Of War At The Whiskey A Go Go

A powerful blend of rock music from a band that’s not afraid of sounding catchy.

Oftentimes, many bands are afraid of showing that they actually care for melodies, hiding their songwriting behind certain aesthetics. Yet, from The Beatles, to Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, The Ramones, it’s impossible to avoid noticing that all the best rock songs have some pop in them, with catchy hooks and memorable riffs that are meant to sink into your skulls!

Experiencing Vigil Of War live reminded me that great alternative rock is all about going loose and have some unapologetic fun, with songs that aren’t just meant to show the band’s aggressive side, but also it’s appeal. The band’s live energy makes me think of early acts such as New York Dolls and The Stooges, but with a more modern and diverse sound, borrowing from rock and roll, as well as melodic metal music. What I really love about the band’s set, is that it is designed to retain as much electricity as possible in the air! The group’s stage antics, world-class showmanship and inspiring energy are on par with the quality of the performances, and the song-writing.

This talented four-piece is almost the quintessential LA rock band. It all started back in the late 70s, when local kids fell in love with the outrageous sounds coming from England (Think The Sex Pistols, The Damned and The Clash), but couldn’t help from igniting its spark with the heat of the California sun.

Vigil Of War carry the very same heat and vibrancy to the table, making for a unique listening experience. They have that signature combination of glam, sex appeal, dirt, and rage that makes me think of some of the best local bands, from Guns’N’Roses to Social Distortion, and everything in between. Experiencing Vigil Of War live is like experiencing a slice of true LA rock music!

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