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Photos: The Hu In New York

The Hu is something that dropped onto the music scene just like a thunder on a sunny summer day. Their sound is one-of-a-kind, combining tasteful elements of post-metal, alternative rock and even a touch of progressive and folk on their tracks. Folk is a really broad term; in this case, I am referring specifically to Mongolian folk traditions, particularly the iconic throat chants, which really bring a special vibe to the band’s sound.

The Hu bursted out onto the music scene and with their well-received album “The Gereg,” which is a world-class production showcasing the band’s talent and vision. On the one hand, the record helped established the group’s cinematic sound, with tracks as diverse as “Wolf Totem” (which wouldn’t be out of place on a Morricone soundtrack) down to “The Same,” which feels like a battle-ready to explore.

On a stage, the group is perfectly capable of recreating all of these fantastic textures, but what they really do bring to the table is their incredible ability to engage with the audience. The crowd is not only passively observing the show: it’s almost like the audience is part of the song, as many people were really connected with the atmospheres created by the band.

From the clarity of the acoustic instruments, down to the growl of the bass drums and the clarity of the woodwinds, the instrumental backdrop really helps the vocals stand out on stage, giving the songs an even more personal dimension. On a stage, the band’s raw energy seeps through, although their performances are still extremely insightful and direct.

If you are looking for a truly memorable live music experience, regardless of what genre you prefer, you should definitely give The Hu a shot if they come through your town!

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Cecilia Matran Bancescu
Cecilia Matran Bancescu
1 year ago

the GEREG, not the GEORGE :)

Reply to  Cecilia Matran Bancescu
1 year ago

Whoops! This was an auto correct that was fixed shortly after publishing, but was stuck in a caching loop. Should be displaying correctly now.

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