Photos: The Dead South – Detroit MI

Voices in Your Head Tour

The Dead South are quickly gaining an outstanding reputation as a killer live act, with a trail of blazing live shows behind their backs. With their explosive blend of bluegrass and folk-punk, The Dead South set out to channel the timeless spirit of Americana, while spicing it up with abrasive tones and fast-paced tempest.

The sound of this band tips the hat off to acts such as Devil Makes Three or Gogol Bordello, while retaining a diverse and personal tone. It’s almost as if if these talented guys came straight out of a porch in the Deep South. Their music is spiked with sun-laced banjo parts, gravelly vocals a la Tom Waits, and tasty harmonies inspired by old-time gospel music.

What I really love about The Dead South is that they add a certain degree of theatricality to their performances, with killer outfits that really match with the retro vibes of their music. In addition to that, they also have the ability to combine classic sounds with modern melodic sensibilities, engaging with the audience and re-contextualizing such a wealth of timeless music influences into a powerful and attractive formula.

The Dead South

The Hooten Hallers

Del Suelo


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