Photos: Steel Panther In Anaheim

If you are a fan of classic metal tones, you might have been living under a rock for quite a while if you haven’t heard of Steel Panther.

This group is one a few acts who really stayed true to that old-school “brown sound” guitar tone and over-the-top glam aesthetics. Some metal bands are all about bloodshed and gruesome imagery, others are all about Nordic myths, ghosts and demons. There is absolutely nothing wrong with those things (in fact, they are quite awesome staples of the extreme music culture and mentality) but Steel Panther are here to remind you that: rock and roll is fun, it’s wild, and it’s here to stay.

One of the best ways to enjoy Steel Panther’s music is definitely taking the opportunity to witness their work on a live stage. Their live act is like a time machine, and most of the audience members around you also revel in that spirit: torn jeans, leather jackets, long bleached hair and Whitesnake tees everywhere – It’s more like 1989 than 2019, and it feel really good to get a full experience, not just from the band, but from the electricity of the crowd as well.

You could argue that the glam aesthetics are a gimmick, and at the end of the day, what it really boils down to is the quality of the music. So how did they sound? Even if you took away all the leather jackets and the glam rock frills, you’ll have a solid metal band. The guitar leads, courtesy of Satchel (Born Russ Parrish) are actually absolutely outstanding. Every note is performed to perfection, and the live mix is balanced, while still allowing the guitar to soar on top of the band, but not overpower the rest of the music.

The rhythm section is just as solid, with steady drums and thundering bass tones that hold the groove, while the guitar walls do their magic. The vocalist, Michael Starr, is as charismatic as ever, combining classic rock & roll angst with a good sense of crowd control and interaction.

All in all, seeing this band live is more of an experience. You might not religiously listen to their music the way you’d revere a classic band like Motorhead or Slayer, but you will certainly get a lot of enjoyment from their live gigs!


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