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Photos: Skiltron In Roeselare

Skiltron are a folk metal band with a unique twist. Their sound stays true to the staple of the genre, but the group is also well-known for their innovative blend of influences, which definitely adds something special to the mix.

Hailing from Hamburg, Germany, by way of Buenos Aires, Skiltron has been a band ever since their inception in 2004. Since then, they managed to perfect their sonic formula, combing charming folk aesthetics with old-school metal overtones.

Ever since their early days, the band members, set out to create a one-of-a-kind. When you get to see them live, you are definitely going to be impressive, not only due to the sheer musicianship of these talented artists but also due to the thick, cohesive wall of sound that they’re able to put together as a unit.

Skiltron is one of the few bands who are actually able to offer a different experience on stage. Some artists try to meticulously recreate the sound of their album tracks. However, others have a much broader vision. They want to create an engaging experience for the audience.

The sound of the group is thick and textural, yet melodic and heavily nuanced. The band’s formula definitely combines elements of various genres, from thrash metal to Viking metal, all serving as a perfect backdrop for the folk influences.

In addition to the quality of the band’s material and stage performance, their presence is also quite engaging. Their outfits are spot on, combining folk / Scottish aesthetics with classic metal attires, and making for a really unique feel. They know how to keep the audience engaged, with their antics and great crowd control.

While this isn’t your average folk-metal band, Skiltron have a timeless, classic flavor to their music. This dichotomy is what makes their formula interesting and captivating for the audience. As a result, their live shows are just as engaging as their record, and they managed to build a trusty following through the years, bringing quality music to every stage they hit, all across the world.


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