Photos: Skillet At Day Two Of Upheaval Festival

Skillet brought their ‘A’ game and gave an electric performance during the second day of Upheaval fest. Skillet is a band that has been winning the admiration of metalheads for years now, and that evening was no different with the crowd at Belknap Park.

At times, you can get what feels like a sensory overload while trying to focus on each member simultaneously, as they are all elite musicians in their own right while delivering out an astonishingly cohesive performance.

John Cooper always delivers some elevating words before breaking into song to which the crowd is so into everything he does; they are practically screaming the lyrics back at him. He’s also still strapping on those cryo CO2 hand cannons for some theatrics.

Your attention is always immediately captured by a whirlwind of purple hair as guitarist Korey Cooper thrashes around and shreds like a complete legend. Jen Ledger is perhaps one of the most impressive drummers you will ever see perform live. Being a co-vocalist and drummer is usually something that’s unheard of, and for a good reason. It takes an immense amount of skill to sing and drum while giving it complete focus, but Jen makes it looks easy as she rocks out on her kit while providing astounding vocals.

The band will be playing out a few more festivals in various shows throughout the summer, and will be hitting the road on “The Aftermath Tour” later this fall was special guest, Adelitas Way.

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