Photos: mmhmm At The Hotel Cafe In Hollywood

Mmhmm started a few years ago by “not” Hannah Fairlight, and “not” Raelyn Nelson. This Nashville Tennessee duo made the stage at Hotel Cafe in downtown Los Angeles, as an all around Americana / rock music and impromptu comedy experience. During the set, sadly Raelyn’s ukulele started spritzing out and as she was fixing it Hannah broke out with some jokes. Such jokes included the panda in the bar and the frayed knot. She got the crowd laughing and joking back with her and before you knew it Raelyn, was all fixed up and the show continued on!

This duo really knows how to solve problems quickly all while bringing a loving, spiritual, country sound and energy to the stage. They pushed through and rocked the Hotel Cafe with their newest single, a country jam call “Aw Hell” about all the things that can go wrong going wrong as well as a few covers, a gold digger tribute, and ended it was a little riffing before their signature backwards bow.

You can tell these girls are truly out here having fun, living life, and making great music along the way. I personally can’t wait to see them again!

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